The emblem of the Assassin monarch

Assassin Monarach is a Halo clan and has won the Halo: Reach and Halo 3 tournaments. Assassin Monarch was created by its current leader, Isaias Gonzalez (Gonzalezii), originally created to be a clan for those who weren't accepted into the stronger and bigger clans. The leader of the clan always inherits The King or the Mentor title. The vortex represents the strong(Black) and the weak(Blue) working together to maintain the four-cornerstone of the clan. Assassin Monarch was the first clan to allow anyone to join and has become a big and powerful clan because of it.


Sacred rules,The first war, and Halo: 3 tournamentEdit

Assassin Monarch is a mercenary type-clan, created by its current leader Isaias Gonzalez (Gonzalezii) for the sole purpose of allowing anyone to join the clan and to prove to the other clans that it only takes one single person to change the world. The organization has 4 sacred rules that the members of the clan must work together to uphold.

  1. Never reject those who were rejected by the other clans and deserve to be in one.
  2. Consider each and every member as brother and sisters.
  3. Never threat anyone unless provoked.
  4. Help those in need.
Established to be a shining hope for Spartans who were rejected by the stronger and bigger clan's. It's existence has caused the other consider it a clanfor weaklings for the first 2 years. However during the third year and the start of the first Halo-tournament war, its seven first and currently only members proved their worth by defeating one

Nicholas Higgens, performing an advance assassination technique against Cyclops the Juggernaut

of the previous champion clans single-handely, who, were considered the best in their era, and supporting the rebels. After the latters defeat, Assassin Monarch gained enough fame to be hired by the Supporters of the Halo tournaments for the rest of the war; which lasted 2 years. After the war Assassin Monarch was well respected and thus allowed it to recruit even more member raising the previous 7 to 35 members. With the rise in members, Isaias started the Squad system, something he randomely came up with. Each squad was to have a leader and 4 members in each one, having the original 7 members acting as the squad leaders. With its rise of fame and members it was allowed to send in one member to participate in the Halo: 3 tournament which was considered the best tournament so far. With only being able to send in one member the 6 knights argued which one of them should represent the clan. However after pointless arguements and the first big fight in the clan, Isaias decided to go instead seeing that they
Halo 3 tournament

Isaias Gonzalez and his signature Hayabusha armor before the first fall.

won't accept anyone else besides themselves. However what the others didnt know was that if the leader chooses to enter the tournament it means risking losing the ownership of the clan if he/she loses. Isaias fought hard through the tournament and finally won the Halo: 3 tournament making this the first tournament win for Assassin Monarch.

Known membersEdit

  1. Isaias Gonzalez- The founder and leader.
  2. Giovanny Morales- One of the original members.
  3. Willie Juarez- One of the original members.
  4. Nicholas Higgens- One of the original members, Also know as the "new Juggernaunt".
  5. Carlos Reyna- One of the original members and later known as "Vlad the imapler."
  6. Almorghen- One of the original members.
  7. Meta- One of the original members.
  8. Nathan- One of Almorghen's disciple during the squad formation.
  9. Storm- One of Isaias's disciple during the squad formation.
  10. Joyce- One of Nick's disciple during the squad formation. Later known as "Tsunade the Enforcer".