Halo 3 tournament

Isaias Gonzalez and his signature Hayabusha armor before the first fall.

Isaias Gonzalez is the founder and leader of the Assassin Monarch. He is refered as the King and Mentor by his members and rival clans. He has won the Halo: 3 tournament and forfeited the Halo: Reach tournament. He is considered the Brightest and kindest leader the world has ever known. He founded the Assassin Monarchs alongside his family members and friends


Not much is known about Isaias before the founding of the Assassin Monarchs, however it is known that he hated the way clans rejected anyone who they saw beneath them; inspiring him to create the Assassin's Monarch. After creating the clan, Isaias had no luck in recruiting anyone for the first three months. Instead he taught and trained his future generals who would later be known as the  With the bond that he grew between his comrades, he managed to create the signature seven deadly blow strike; a difficult technique to counter as it has three of the fastest to be a distraction while two flank the enemy and the last two members strike from above and ending it with a Katana slash .

During the beginning of the third year, the first Halo-tournament war began after inncocents were killed during the tournament. Isaias seeing this as a way to gain renouwn and wanting to end the suffering, Isaias aided the Supporters by defeating and killing the Wolf pack clan,who, were considered the best in their time; single handely. It was during this time Isaias was able to earn renown for his clan. Immediately after the war and the victory going to the Supporters, Isaias was crowded by 35 warriors, who, wanted to join the currently small clan. It was during this time that Isaias created the first squad system ever developed, design to easily train multiple members at once, grow a bond together, thus allowing to better work together. Before the start of the Halo: Reach tournament, Isaias was threaten by another clan, The Monitors. Isaias managed to defeat the clan, but the headquarters suffered heavy damage from the week long skirmishes. After defeating Sparks, the leader, he offered his alligiance  to Isaias only as long as he is leader and promises to help rebuild, thus finally spreading the influence of the Assassin Monarch.


Isaias is a calm, and kind individual who hates the system of other clans of rejecting almost anyone. He sees everyone who joins his clan, or uses the same system that he does to their clan, as a family. Isaias is also very

Isaias in his Halo:Reach and regular armor

intelligent as seen in the Halo: 3 tournament when he was ambushed by six different clan members and was able to use the forest traps to defeat them. Another example of this was when he reached the final round with no weapons besides the energy sword, as his Katana was damaged during the the semi-finals. He seemingly laid traps that would lead anyone close enough to be sliced by his energy sword.

Isaias isn't one to hold a grudge, seen when he defeated the leader of the Monitors, Spark, forgiving them immediately after they were defeated, despite his clan rejecting the idea. Gonzo's affection for his clan caused him to regret killing Vlad after the First Fall incident, and to mourn the loss of lives lost during this period. 


Isaias has shown to be the strongest and fastest member of his clan. He has also shown to be able to take on multiple enemies at once during the Halo: Reach tournament without having any environmental or outside aid at all. His speed and agility even makes the most skilled Spartan and Elite have trouble shooting him. So much in fact that Bmore said that hitting him was like trying to hit a rabbit with an arrow blindfolded. His ability to adept to the situation makes it even more difficult for his opponents to formulate an effective tatic.


Isaias is well versed in huamn weapons, but is somewhat average in covenant weapon. His abilites in the DMR and Needle rifle is however is so great that not even the Grandmaster of the strongest clan, The Conquerors, Vel-Vhadam, who was considered the best with the needle rifle and dmr; was unable to out duel him.

Stamina, Speed, and EndurenceEdit

Isaias is blessed with high levels of stamina, so much in fact that he's able to sprint for 5 mintues full speed without any signs of exhuastion. During the Halo: Reach tournament, Isaias was able to outrun a killball which was estimated to go at a 55 miles per hour rate. Another example of his incredible speed is when he was able to dodge a bullet from point-blank. The only thing that rivals his speed is his strong endurence to pain.

Isaias was the only known person to get stabbed by an energy sword without flinching.


One of Gonzo's greatest asset is his intelligence, as he is able to quickly formulate a plan even under constant stress, as seen when he was able to misdirect, use calculated gambles to make his opponents come close, distance them to his traps that he has made for them. During his fight with the Sarutobi clan he was able to quickly analyse the weakest of the team and cause a domino effect of surprise attacks and shielding.

Part 1Edit

Assassin Monarch ArcEdit

Isaias is first shown rejecting the Sarutobi clan after, accidentally, showing his ability as a fighter, defeating one of the Sarutobi members with ease, after being provoked. Later he is seen discussing about making his own clan with his nephew Giovanny, who at first denied his offer to join the clan. The next day Isaias is seen at the clan registration building, surprising everyone that he is allowing anyone to join.

Isaias then hears his nephews and friends being attacked by the Sarutobi member who Isaias defeated the day before only this time bringing his team with him. Isaias then said he would take them all on but at a secluded location where no one will see. After arriving at the abandon park, Jeffrey and his team surrounded Isaias. Jeffrey explained that his defeat has caused his reputation to fall in the clan and is on the verge of being kicked out. Jeffrey ordered his men to attack, Isaias quickly counter-attacked by shooting the weakest of the group causing him to lose his footing, giving Isaias the opening to use him as a human shield while simutaneously doing the same to the others causing confusion and the defeat of the five members. Jeffrey realizing that fighting Isaias would be futile tried to escape, however Isaias cornered him and forced him to apologize to his family and friends. After doing so, he let him escape, telling the others that the system must change and offered them to join him in his quest. After a long talk they reluctantly agreed, Establishing their HQ in Isaias's deceased father's Castle.

The Halo-tournament warEdit

Three months has passed since the establishment of the Assassin Monarch and not a single person has shown an interest in joining. And during this time Isaias has been training his future knights. Meanwhile the Halo: 2 tournament is shown having attracted the worlds best Clans and even the President. Meanwhile during the second half of the tournament, a group of rebels, led by Johnny McCardus, causes a massive chain of explosions which kills the tournament minister and the current president. This causes a panic among the clans and spectators alike allowing the rebels to easily kill most of them.

This event cripples the strength of the Supporters, Isaias seeing this uses the opportunity to defeat the ring leaders of the rebels and gain fame through it. Isaias